The Goethe Institute, with the support of the Georgian National Museum, in connection with 200 years of relations between Germany and Georgia presents a project:

The Dynasties – Parallel Perspective

“I build what I believe in” Dominikus Böhm

The exhibition features almost century-long historic-cultural and, in particular, architectural legacy that has been created and developed in parallel in Germany and Georgia, representing two different architectural family dynasties - the Böhms and the Kurdianis - creating in Germany and Georgia respectively. The exhibition gives an overview of their creative history, emphasizing on parallelism in life.

Secular, public, sporting, residential, cultural, educational architectural objects - all these buildings are still functional both in Germany and Georgia and represent an integral element of their countries’ identity. The display represents all epochs through which both countries and each of the families lived and created in parallel, though individually. The Böhms’ architectural legacy has been repeatedly surveyed and acknowledged. The elderly member of the family, Gottfried Böhm is 98 years old today. He is the only German architect awarded the highest architectural prize – the Pritzker prize.

One may see exhibits and photos from the family archives associated with specific historic context. Documentaries will also be on display, featuring their creative life and key architectural projects created by the Bioms and the Kurdianis. The audience will have an opportunity to see compilation of photos by Harun Farocki (1944-2014) titled “Stalin’s Museum in Gori” that is exhibited in Georgia, Karvasla Hall for the second time. In his photos, Faruk underscores the importance of contexts created by ideologies and/or political regimes, or even contemporary forms of powers in the universe, under the disguise and veil of culture.

Dominikus Böhm (1880-1955); Gottfried Böhm, Elizabeth Böhm (1921-2012), Stephan Böhm, Peter Böhm, Paul Böhm, Grigol Kurdiani (1873 – 1957); Archil Kurdiani (1903-1988), Ketevan Sokolova-Porakishvili (1905-1988), Gia Kurdiani (1932-2014), Archil Kurdiani, Giorgi Kurdiani

The Author and Curator of the Exhibition: Irina Kurtishvili, Cologne

National Museum of Georgia; Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla);
#8, Sioni street, Tbilisi.

Opening: 19.00 hours, June 27, 2018;
Exhibition lasts from June 28 till September 10, 2018;