Archil Kurdiani

DoB: 9 September 1965.

PhD in architecture


Member of: 

Georgian Union of Architects (GUA)

Association of Architects of Georgia  (AAG)

Tbilisi Association of Sculptors and Architects (TASA)


2011-2014  - GTU - PhD in architecture

1982-1990    - Tbilisi State Academy of Arts; Department of Architecture; diploma of    Architect;

Working Experience:

1990-1995    “SakArchFund” – the Creative Enterprise of the Georgian Union of   Architects.

1995-2000     Chief Architect-Designer at the Krtsanisi Government Residence.

2000-2009     Chief Architect and Head of Design Group, “MAGTICOM” Ltd.

2003 - present    Executive Director and Chief Architect-Designer, Ltd. “Gia & Archil Kurdianis’ Studio ”.

Special Merits:

-    Member of the Georgian Union of Architects since 1990.

-    Board Member of the Georgian Union of Architects since 1995.

-    The Best Architect of 2006.

-    The International Socrates Award Laureate of 2008.

-    Union of International Architects (UIA) licensed to conduct independent architectural practice.


Projects :

•    Georgian Fine Arts Museum in Tbilisi; Georgia.

•    Art  House – For Artists: Art Club; Lounge; Bar; Swimming Pool; Fitness; Restaurants;

•    Apartment Hotel in City Center of Tbilisi;

•    Tbilisi B.Paichadze National Football Stadium;

•    Multi story Car-parking area and the Hotel on the Territory of Tbilisi B.Paichadze National Football Stadium;

•    Shopping Mall at Tbilisi B.Paichadze National Football Stadium territory; Co-Author;

•    Commercial Center on the territory of the B.Paichadze National Stadium;

•    Stadium “Torpedo” in Kutaisi.

•    Head Office and studios for the GPB (Georgian Public Brodcaster) in Tbilisi;

•    Base Stations (more than two thousand), Office Premises and Selling points (dozens) for Ltd. “Magticom”

     Cellular Company, across Georgia; Author and Chief Architect.

•    Home Office for Ltd. “Magticom” Cellular Company in Tbilisi, Georgia; Author and Chief Architect.

•    Communications and Control Center for Ltd. “Magticom” Cellular Company in Kutaisi; Author and Chief


•    Communications Facility of Ltd Magticom in Ozurgeti city;

•    The Imereti Regional Branch representation of the Ministry of Finances of Georgia in Kutaisi;

•    District and Magistrate Courts of the Justice Ministry of Georgia in 10 Districts of Georgia;

•    Designing Energy Systems with SCADA for The Georgian State Energo System;

•    Dialisis hospital in Dighomi, Tbilisi (2010);

•    Dialisis hospital in Gldani, Tbilisi (2014)

•    Premises of the Ministry of Economy of Georgia comprising Residential space, offices, exhibition hall,

     restaurant and multi-story garage at Tevdore Mgvdeli Street, in Tbilisi; Co-Author;

•    The Red Cross Residence in Tbilisi, 17 Anton Catholic str; Co-Author;

•    Assulym for Victims of Trafficking of the Georgian National Anti-Trafficking Fund;

•    Reconstruction and Designing of Administrative Buildings and Residential Houses in Sagarejo;

•    Head Office of the Founder of Ltd “Magtiwin” - Architecture, Design, Interior, Furniture;

•    Premises of the Ltd. “World Medicines”; Architecture & Design;

•    Premises of the Ltd. “GlobalFarm”; Architecture & Design;

•    Showroom of the Ltd. Caparole in Tbilisi; Architecture & Design;

•    Showroom and saloon of the Ltd. Keune in Tbilisi; Architecture & Design;

•    Skey recreation resort in Highlanding Bakhmaro mountains;

•    The Dinamo Museum of Sport Valour in Tbilisi comprising Medical-rehabilitation, hotel, and administrative

      premises;  Co-author;

•    Cultural-creative club for TV-Radio broadcasting committee members in Saguramo; Co-author;

•    Swimming pool with adjacent medical-rehabilitation center in Saguramo; Co-Author;

•    Movie-Conference Hall in Saguramo; Co-Author;

•    Expansion-reconstruction of the Georgian TV-Radio Center’s Administrative Building; Co-Author;

•    Reconstruction of House #1 a the Krtsanisi Governmental Residence; Co-Author;

•    Reconstruction of House #2 a the Krtsanisi Governmental Residence; Co-Author;

•    Reconstruction of House #3 a the Krtsanisi Governmental Residence; Co-Author;

•    Multi-story Garage in Tbilisi;

•    Individual Residential House in Tbilisi at Marukhi Alley; Co-Author;

•    Multi-story Residential House at 15 Chavchavadze avenue; Tbilisi, Co-Author;

•    Reconstruction of the Residential House at 7 Queen Tamara avenue, in Tbilisi; Author and Chief Architect;

•    Residential House in Tsavkisi; Author and Chief Architect;

•    Swine farm for 500 heads in Sagarejo; Author and Chief Architect;

•    Artist’s Studio with Exhibition Hall in Tbnilisi; Co-Author;

•    Residential House in Gldani district, Tbilisi; Author and Chief Architect;

•    Developing premises for the Tailor’s Enterprise “NADIKVARI” comprising utility and administrative buildings in 

       Tbilisi; Co-Author;

•    Addition of a residential floor and attic to a 4-floor Residential House in Tbilisi, Ambrolauri Street;

-    # 2 Ambrolauri Street
-    # 3 Ambrolauri Street
-    # 6 Ambrolauri Street
-    # 7 Ambrolauri Street
-    # 8 Ambrolauri Street
-    # 9 Ambrolauri Street
-    # 10 Ambrolauri Street

•    Underground Garage for #2 and # 3 Ambrolauri Street Residents; Author and Chief Architect;

•    Designing the Decorative Fance for TV-Radio Center in Tbilisi; Co-Author;

•    Addition of 4 Residential floors to the Existing Residential house at 64 Vaza-Pshavela avenue,

     Tbilisi; Co-Author;

•    Reconstruction of the Creative Studio at 11 Chavchavadze Avenue; Tbilisi; Author and Chief Architect;

•    The Monastery Complex at Upper Vardzia; Co-Author;

•    Individual Residential House in Tbilisi, Vezirov Str; Author and Chief Architect;

•    Hotel at 4/12 Nutsubidze street in Tbilisi; Author and Chief Architect;

•    Beer pub/restraunt in Tbilisi city;

•    Private Residential Houses in Tbilisi, Tabakhmela, Saguramo,Choporta;

•    Interior and design of offices, residential apartments;

•    Designing  tableware; Textile, furniture, interior;