Giorgi Kurdiani

DoB: - 03 January 1990.

Msc in Architecture - University of Liechtenstein

Member of: 

Georgian Union of Architects (GUA)

Association of Architects of Georgia  (AAG)

Tbilisi Association of Sculptors and Architects (TASA)



> 2014 - 2015 MASTER THESIS: University of Liechtenstein / Master‘s degree programm in Architecture 

2014 - 2015 University of Liechtenstein / Master‘s degree programm in Architecture

Studio: Architectural Design Theory

Graduation project: SQ UNFOLDED - Elevated Social Layer

Participation in Student competition of an Architectural Idea; Global Schindler Award 2015

Project site: Shenzhen - Sungang Quingsuihe (SQ) 

> Liechtenstein University 2014 SommerSemester /

Architectural Design theory   -
Venice Biennale / Participation of Liechtenstein in 2014 Architectural BIennale curated By Rem Koolhaas.     /FUNDAMENTALS/
„Once upon a time in Liechtenstein“

> 2013 - 2014  KU LEUVEN - Luca / Sint Lucas school of Art - Campus Brussels

2013 - 2014  Master‘s degree programm in Architecture - Semester abroad Via Erasmus program.
Studied Subjects:
Explorative Architecture Studio or („Real Architecture“ studio) &
Building Technology Integration (Library Villa Adriana) / Critical Urban Theory / Atlas Brussels.

> 2012 - 2013  University of Liechtenstein / Master‘s degree program in Architecture
Liechtenstein University 2013 SommerSemester /
Architectural Design theory   -
(Books of Rooms For Books: Architectural Library at Villa Adriana for
50 000 Books) . Grand Prize Winner of international competition Archtectural award 2013; - Best Student     Project;

Liechtenstein University 2012 - 2013 Winter Semester 
Architectural Design theory   - (Venice report: Venice 2073 )
> 2007 - 2011  Tbilisi State Academy of Arts; Department of Architecture;
Diploma of the Architect; (Graduation project: Medical Rehabilitation Center in Tokyo.)

> 1996  - 2007  Ivane Javakhishvili Public school N53, Tbilisi, Georgia

Projects :

> Georgian Fine Arts museum in Tbilisi; Georgia.
> Art House - For Artists: Art Club; Lounge; Bar; Swimming Pool; Fitness; Four restaurants;
> Apartment Hotel in City Center of Tbilisi; Georgia;
> Tbilisi National Stadium „Dinamo Arena“ Reconstruction-renovation. Co-Author.
> „VistaGeorgia“ airlines Headoffice design-interior.  Author.
> Residential House in Digomi district, Tbilisi ; Co-Author;
> Residential House in Tabakhmela district, Tbilisi ; Co-Author;
> Residential House in Saguramo; Co-Author;
> Residential House in Choporta; Co-Author;
> Multi story Car-parking area and the Hotel on the Territory of Tbilisi B.Paichadze > National Football Stadium.

Special   Merits :

Architectural Biennale in Venice / First Time Liechtenstein Participating in Archi    tectural Biennale in Venice.
„Once upon a time in Liechtenstein“ / Organized by ministry of Foreign affairs, education and culture.
Partners: Swiss Arts council „prohelvetia & Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
Curated By Peter Staub.
Participating: Liechtenstein University, Studiio Architectural Design Theory.

Architectural Workshop Week W-O-L-K-E in Brussels, (2013)
As part of semester via Erasmus in KU LEUVEN Sint Lucas School of Arts -
Explorative Architecture Studio                    

Architectural Award 2013; International Competition: The Best Nominee for the Best Student Project;
Grand Prize and Certificate for:
Architectural Library at Villa Adriana for 50 000 Books
University Of Liechtenstein    

Architectural Award 2011; International Competition: The Nominee for the
Best Student Project; Graduation project: Medical Rehabilitation Center in Tokyo / Year 2011

ENGLISH MAKES CENTS. Certificate. For completion of Making Cents International
Financial skills curriculum in English language. 2009.

International center for social research and policy analysis. To sertify that he has
attended the training in Leadership.

PARADOX. Computer program training :
AutoDesk - AutoCAD; ArchiCAD, >> „PARADOX“ certificate.
Adobe Photoshop; Indesign; Illustrator; RhinoCeros; Sketchup; Maxwell render.

France. Paris. Participated in Architectural workshop. 2009.
Italy. Participated in Architectural workshop. 2008.
Singapore. Participated in Architectural-Construction week. 2007.
Georgia. Kids and juniors creativity exhibition. Grand-prix & Gold Medal.2000.
Prototyping course.

Working   Experience :

2012 01.01.-01.09.    Architect “Gia & Archil Kurdianis’ Studio <>” Ltd.
2011 09.09.-31.12.    Architect-Intern, „GS group“ Ltd.
2009 – 2011     Architect-Drafter, “Gia & Archil Kurdianis’ Studio <>” Ltd.

Foreign   Languages :

Georgian   – Native
Russian     – Proficient
English      – Proficient
German     – Basic