Sporting Facilities

Tbilisi “Dynamo” Football Stadium, Tbilisi, Vake. (1931).

Tbilisi “Dynamo” Football Stadium, Tbilisi. (1933-1936).

Tbilisi “Dynamo” Football Stadium, Renovation. (1956-1976).

B.Paichadze National Football Stadium;Tbilisi. (2006).

Sporting facility in Vake, Tbilisi; (1934).

Swimming Pool, Tbilisi. (1935).

Tennis Stadium adjacent to the “Dynamo” Stadium, Tbilisi. (1935).

Reconstruction of the “Dynamo” Stadium in Vake, Tbilisi. (1935).

Fotball Stadium, Sukhumi. (1935).

Water Sports Facility in Tbilisi.

“Torpedo” Stadium in Kutaisi.  Project Design.

Open Swimming Pool for the “Dinamo” Sport Club in Tbilisi;