The Goethe Institute, with the support of the Georgian National Museum, in connection with 200 years of relations between Germany and Georgia presents a project:

The Dynasties – Parallel Perspective

The exhibition is dedicated to the Architectural Dynasties from Germany and Georgia: Böhms and Kurdianis.

Opening: 19.00 hours, June 27, 2018;
Exhibition lasts from June 28 till September 10, 2018;

National Museum of Georgia; Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla); #8, Sioni street, Tbilisi.

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Leila Meskhi Tennis Academy was inaugurated in October 2017. Author and Lead Architect of the project is Giorgi Kurdiani. The facility comprises open and in-door tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness centre, modern sporting infrastructure and a hotel.











Dynamo Arena was inaugurated in August 2015 hosting the Final Game between Barcelona and Sseville for the UEFA Cup. Project-design was carried out between 2014-2015 by three generations of the Architectural Dynasty: Gia Kurdiani, Archil Kurdiani and Giorgi Kurdiani.