The families of Gia and Archil Kurdianis have two identical signets made of gold and cloisonné enamel. The signet bears an embellishment of the Georgian ornament – a sign of eternity symbolizing eternity in creative field. One signet is worn by Mr Archil Kurdiani, the other by Giorgi Kurdiani Junior.

The signets are transferred to its successor only if two mandatory requirements are met: that is to be the first line heir and to make certain contribution in the “Dynasty”. The contribution can be made either through a project, drawing, painting,  design or anything that can be qualified as the creation of art.

According to the family tradition the signet is transferred from a Grandfather to a grandchild.
After Gia Kurdiani has passed away in 2014 December 6th, his signet has been inherited by Giorgi (George) Kurdiani junior, considering the fact that George has already made his tengible contribution into the Dynasty